Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers: Versatile, Powerful And Fast


With the Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers range, they have skilfully taken all the core design features from their commercial models and shrunken them all down to create the new ZT range.

The main feature is the Zero Turn capability, a unique system favored by many lawn and garden carers.

The way the system works, is that the mower will rotate around on its own axis, without any turning radius. The individual hydraulic wheel-drive allows for an accurate drive across the lawn.

All the models are designed to be tough, with a solid frame which includes the fold-able Roll Over Protection System that will protect the driver at all times should they topple over.

The ROPS can be lowered in parts of the lawn where you may have low-hanging branches.

Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers To Suit Every Garden


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All models come with durable powerful motors. The RZ3016 is the lowest priced in the ZT range, with a Briggs & Stratton 500cc inside of it.

This model is aimed at gardeners who are looking for more than just a standard push lawn mower. The RZ3016 can be stored in the shed and can fit through a gate, yet is sturdy enough to work on big jobs.

So this will appeal to owners with a limited budget, but wanting a big meaty machine.

At the other end of the scale in the range, we have the PZ 72, fitted with a beastly Kawasaki 999cc engine inside. This houses serious zero turn mowing power, with an enormous cutting width of 72 inch; the 3 blades are tough enough to tackle large jobs.

Productivity wise, the Husqvarna PZ 72 is able to do 7 acres an hour, bringing the mower bang up in line with commercial models. This is a serious bit of kit for the owner with a large garden or some private land, who can afford the space to park it.

A good compromise for home-owners is the Husqvarna RZ5424 with Kohler engine. It is a mid range zero turn with plenty of features and affordable price tag.

What Features Do These Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers Have?

Some of the other higher end models feature engines by Kohler too. All engines are protected by a heavy-duty canister air filter, keeping the engine clear which is ideal in tough conditions.

There is also a drive system featuring a Hydro-Gear pump with some sturdy Parker wheel motors. To top it all off, the fuel tank is over-sized with angled fill necks, allowing for an easier fill. Husqvarna have finished it off with a neatly built in cup holder and cell phone holder.

It’s advised for safety reasons, not to use the phone while driving.

How Comfortable Are They?

Husqvarna have ensured that all the components inside their zero turn mowers are designed to withstand the most demanding of any operation. The question is, will this impact the driver’s comfort?

The answer is no, with the vibration dampening system supported by platform rubber isolators setting your hands, body and feet apart from the frame. The deep cushions and EVC suspension add greater comfort again ensuring a smooth ride whilst the mower powers through the garden.

On top of that, the control panel is within reachable distance, conveniently placing the choke, throttle, and ignition all in one location. This allows the mower to stay on a steady course during the task, solely concentrating on the path ahead.

Steering is fully adjustable, so you can have a more angled inward position for better comfort and the dampeners can be adjusted to suit your particular driving style.

How Do They Perform?

The blades are 6″ deck depth, high-quality and the optimized deck baffles allows for a consistent cut and clipping dispersal. Another benefit this creates is faster cutting speeds, increasing your increased production.

Concerns about the grass being flattened whilst you drive will disappear once you see the large, wide rear wheels that reduce the pressure on the lawn surface. The heavy-duty steel front caster yokes include Tapered roller bearings.

There is no need to replace the tyres, they are solid and flat-free.

What If Your Lawn Is Uneven?

Owners with an uneven ground will appreciate the low center on these models, meaning better traction and stability. Over heating is another area that Husqvarna zero turn mowers address with an efficient cooling system powered by 7” fans, meaning you can mow for longer, without fear of breaking down.

Should you need to check oil and filters, then they’re fairly easy to locate and check out inside the machine. Just under the feet, you can remove the foot pan to reveal the deck belt pulleys and spindles.

If the need arises to adjust the tracking then this is made simple enough, allowing for precise fine tuning without the need for extra tools.

The deck lift system is made of durable components supported by maintenance-free composite bushings increasing durability. To activate the deck lift with the foot and the cutting height control allows for quick and easy adjustments.

Try These Useful Accessories On Your Husqvarna Zero Turn Mower


Night time mowing is not the best of ideas, however, with the optional lights; this is no longer a hazard! The high powered clamp on headlights are simple to install, plugging directly into harnesses on models newer than 2005.

The key characteristics have been maintained in the ZT range, offering an affordable robust version of its bigger commercial models. The benefits of this mean you now have a mower that is affordable, efficient, can manage heavy-duty tasks on a larger scale and is faster than a normal mower.

In essence, this range is aimed at the homeowner who requires a little more than a standard garden mower.

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