Husqvarna Lawn Tractors: Workhorses With Quality Engines

The Husqvarna lawn tractor range offers a diverse series of models with cutting widths from 38″ up to 54″. If it’s a larger, more open grass area that needs worked on, then it’s likely that a bigger cutting width is needed.

However, if there are trees and bushes, then it’s better to use a smaller cutting width to allow the tractor to pass through without damaging anything or for more flexibility you could try using a zero turn mower.

All of the models of Husqvarna lawn tractors have the ability to give the user the choice of different cutting methods that suit the task ahead. A quick job might entail using the side discharge chute, giving an efficient result.

An unhealthy lawn might benefit from the mulching setting which returns the clippings back to the lawn into the soil, working as a fertilizer. The cleanest setting is the bagger or bagging method, with all the clippings tucked away to be emptied later.

Do Husqvarna Offer Any Accessories For Their Garden And Lawn Tractors?

Husqvarna do offer extra accessories that can be added to the machine, giving lots of options for any of the seasons. For instance there is a collector for leaves in autumn/fall, a dethatcher and an aerator which is a designed to aerate the soil in the lawn.

When it snows in the winter, just attach the snow blade or snow thrower to clear blocked paths and driveways. In addition, there is a trailer, making work easier when working more complex jobs.

What Should You Look For When Choosing A Lawn Tractor?

There are a few things to think about when making a decision about buying a new garden tractor.

Firstly, the deck size – what will suit your lawn the best, considering its size and its layout? You may have to consider a garden style tractor if there is a need to use the machine with different types of ground accessories that will suit your mowing style. Most of the side ejection models allow an attachment for the 2 or 3 bin collector accessory.

There are two different transmission options, manual or hydrostatic. The hydrostatic transmission is easier to use with its step-less operation while you mow. With the manual transmission, the mower has to stop to change each gear. If you choose the hydrostatic transmission and comfort is what is needed, then the pedal-operated model offers two pedals for reverse and forward.

Alternatively, you can use a gear style lever, placed near the fender which is easily within reach from the driver’s seat. You should also make sure your new mower comes with at least one year’s warranty. All Husqvarna lawn tractor models come with warranty for 3 years, with a 5 year for the chassis and axle.

So What’s Available In This Ride-On Mower Range?


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The Husqvarna GT54LS garden tractor is the largest machine that Husqvarna offer. The 27 hp Endurance V-Twin Engine is made by Briggs & Stratton, that uses a premium air filtration, with chrome plated valves, and large cooling fan for maximum performance.

This makes it the most powerful engine in the lawn tractor line-up. There is a also full pressure lubrication system with a spin-on oil filter, great for clean and easy oil changes.

With the largest deck for cutting in the range, the 54-Inch cutting width is made out of a reinforced stamped steel deck with three mower blades with grease-able mandrels, so they can be easily maintained and looked after.

The four deck gauge wheels will prevent scalping, even in the most unforgiving terrains. This model like all the other Husqvarna lawn tractor models has the three cutting methods of collect, mulch and side ejection. The add-on BioClip ensures that the user can switch between collecting and mulching mode without the need to leave the drivers seat.

The Husqvarna GT54LS is a model that is pedal operated, which has a heavy duty hydrostatic transmission made by Tuff Torq. This is ideal for smooth mowing as there is no need to stop the tractor to change gears. There is also an electronic locking setting for added traction which is really useful in wetter conditions.

The 15-Inch ergonomic seats come with armrests, an adjustable back and forth, giving extra comfort while driving. The deck wash port allows for a water hose connection, ideal for cleaning underneath the mowing deck. Plus there are other features such as a cupholder and a cruise control setting.

Finally, in the evening when it starts to get dark, just turn on the headlights to finish the job.

Looking For An Entry Level Husqvarna Lawn Tractor?

Let me introduce the Husqvarna LTH2038 lawn tractor.

The engine is a 20Hp Briggs & Stratton – a reliable manufacturer offering a sturdy motor. The front tires measure 15 x 6 – 6 inches and the back are 20 x 8 – 8 inches giving a total wheelbase of 48 inches, spreading that pressure across the lawn which leaves less marking on your precious turf.

The cutting deck measures 38 inches made out of steel, with a cutting range of 1.5 – 4 inch in six cutting adjustment settings. There are the three usual cutting methods, mulch, collect or side ejection. There are also two blades, with two anti-scalp wheels and an air induction mowing system, which improves the airflow inside the deck, giving a clean and consistent cut of the grass.

The transmission is hydrostatic which is made by the company Tuff Torq, so there is no need to stop the machine as it mows along like a manual transmission. It comes with a lever operated transmission, which is easy to reach from the driver’s seat. The forward speed can reach up to 5.2 mph, holding a steady line for the job, while the reverse speed reaches a max of 2.9 mpg.

The compact design of this model is a great feature that allows the user to maneuver in and around smaller spaces and it can be stored away easier than a bigger model.

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